Craig Ferguson: In Praise of A Funny Man And His Kilts

197032552417457918_zIO0arR9_c227642956135120553_vSiedgKm_cAs a young comic300full-1 300full 96475616989250348_gWoEufxi_c in Scotland, “Late, Late Show”  host Craig Ferguson took the stage name “Bing Hitler”–a choice that tells you everything you need to know about his satirical, irreverent and ” eternally 12 years old”  class clown schtick. Yes, he works dirty,  but connery-3-thin a smirky/sweet adolescent way that manages to be boyish and charming even at  50.  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s devastatingly handsome and rocks a kilt even better
than Sean Connery. Ferguson’s essential accessories for the look? A black leather biker jacket and his trademark “let’s get crazy” party face.

But there’s no scotch guzzling or other intoxicating diversions for Ferguson.  A former drug addict and alcoholic, he  proudly and publicly celebrates  more than two decades of hard-won sobriety.



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