Bye, Bye Miss American Pie: Fox And Sarah Palin Get A Divorce

I admit to anti-beauty contestant bias (Miss Junior Miss 1961slide_2568_36240_large, Diane Sawyer not withstanding)  when it comes to running the Free World. Sawyer went to Wellesley and like that other brainy blonde, author Monica Crowley years would do years later, landed a gig as editorial assistant to Richard Nixon. Nixon’s former media advisor,  Roger Ailes, who now runs Fox , wisely decided not to renew Sarah Palin’s million-dollar contract with the network.

The former Miss America flutist  contestant literally had the world handed to her in 2008 when she received her parties V.P. nod. Four years later,  she leaves  a tacky,  trashy  legacy of failed reality shows, dancing queen daughters with custody issues, and a political relevance that faded with The Tea Party. Had she been smarter (or at least  intellectually curious with good advisors) and not just cunning and pretty, she might have made it into the history books as VPOTUS and (horrible to think about even now) President. Happily, we dodged the Momma Grizzly bullet that was Sarah Palin. Here she is strutting her stuff as an ambitious 1984s Alaskan Beauty Queen:


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