How The 1% Eat: Petrossian Powdered Caviar And Caviarcream

caviar_prd_630_med caviar_prd_637_med

Put this on your spice rack: dried caviar buttons packaged in their own mill by logoPetrossian, the people who first brought caviar to Paris in 1920 after the Bolshevik Revolution.


Petrossian Restaurant, New York

At $88 for 30 grams, powdered caviar (Fleur De Caviar), ain’t cheap, but it’s still less expensive than the real thing and has a longer shelf life. Fresh-grind it over  the usual caviar partners for  a briney, pricey punch of flavor with eggs, pasta, potatoes, scallops, etc.


Petrossian Cafe and Boutique, New York

For those in the under $50 gift club, there is also  Petrossian’s Caviarcream. At $42, it’s a small but impressive hostess gift or a guilty pleasure for yourself. The billionaire brunch bunch like it on omelettes, blini or brioche. 25% caviar, 2 oz. Both, exclusively at Petrossian.


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