Preservationists Vs. Mayor Mike’s Towering Ambition: 33 Midtown East Buildings Added to Landmark Wish List

Mike Bloomberg18-20-East-41st-details-150x150 22-24-East-41st-web1-150x150 50-Vanderbilt-ave-150x150 57-east-55-Friars-club-150x150 125-east-50th-top-150x150 250-Park-web-150x150 270-Park-web-150x150 Girl-Scouts-of-America-P1060722-150x150 Greaybar-building-web-150x150 has his own snidely_whiplash_working_on_laptop1version of a doomsday clock, designed to give added urgency to the waning  days, hours and minutes of his last year as mayor of New York. High on his bucket list for the city is a major rezoning plan for midtown east that would replace historically significant NYC structures with taller, flashier Dubai-style towers. Preservationists are not happy and yesterday released a list of 33 buildings worth saving from Zoning Commish Amanda Burden’s and His Honor’s  wrecking ball.

“Historic Districts Council has further refined the list to 33 buildings worthy of New York City Individual Landmark designation, and has prepared official Requests for Evaluation to be submitted to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for each of these 33 buildings.

The buildings represent the area’s rich range of architecture: remaining 19th and early 20th century buildings that recall the residential, pre-Grand Central days of the area, hotels and office buildings that rose around Grand Central soon after its completion in 1913, and post-World War II modernist office buildings that helped solidify the district’s status as one of the world’s premier business addresses. “Together they tell the story of a transformative period in New York City history,” according to Françoise Bollack, a New York City architect and President of the Historic Districts Council.

Additional Buildings of Concern: The original survey HDC conducts resulted in a list of 78 buildings, from that list it was refined down to 46, and then again to the final 33. Although they did not make the final list there are still 13 building that HDC deserves recognition as being under threat from the proposed zoning.”–Historic Districts Council


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