All-American Hair: Before The Age of Artifce And Karl Lagerfeld Doesn’t Like Michelle Obama’s Bangs


Karl+Lagerfeld+Long+Hairstyles+Ponytail+CO4XQzKvCYelKarl-Lagerfeld-photo-JennifKarl+Lagerfeld+Long+Hairstyles+Ponytail+wu85ypvkv8jlKarl Lagerfeld whose signature 18th century “dandy”  do empowers guys who shouldn’t wear ponytails to do so, doesn’t love Michelle O’s fringey  new haircut,




The Gibson Girls


Louise Brooks, The Flapper “Bob”


Veronica Lake


Jackie Onassis Bouffant


Farrah Fawcett

Jennifer Aniston attending the 1995 VH-1 Honors in Los Angeles 06/22/95

Jennifer Aniston, The Rachel

In the new Vanity Fair , “the ponytailed designer revealed, “I don’t understand the change of hair . . . Frankly, the fringe was a bad idea. It’s not good.” He also noted that Mrs. Obama now resembles “une speakerine de LCI,” or an anchor on the French news network LCI. Although Lagerfeld has made unpopular statements about beloved pop-culture figures in the past, the Michelle Obama–bang harangue is especially surprising considering that the designer has identified himself as “a big fan of Mrs. Obama” in the past. Particularly, he specified, a fan of her face. “I think, [it] is magical,” he told Metro World News last February. “[Barack Obama] would not be there without her.” Remarkably, the statement was not the first time Lagerfeld had marveled at the First Lady’s visage. In 2011, he told USA Today, “I like her face, the cleverness of her face. Her face is stronger than the clothes.”–Vanity Fair

Before the Barbie-doll , big-haired, “don’t try this look without extensions and a weave”  Beyonce look took over, there were classic looks that still look pretty in our pumped up world of plumped lips and fake boobs. Here, a look back at a century of American beauties and iconic hair styles from The Gibson Girls to the ultimately tragic blonde bombshells Farrah and Veronica Lake.


One thought on “All-American Hair: Before The Age of Artifce And Karl Lagerfeld Doesn’t Like Michelle Obama’s Bangs

  1. Must disagree with Karl on this one.
    I thought every bit of Michelle was a knockout on Inauguration Day and in any case, I’d rather look at her than him.

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