Dolce And Gabbana’s Scheme For Paying Back Taxes: D & G Baby Perfume, $45

15BabiesNow the tax-challenged Italian duo is hoping to make liras off the butts of pampered babes with a $45 luxury scent marketed for infants. It’s an offensive and image-instagram-stefano-1cynical idea and an anti-intuitive one, as who could possibly think splashing designer (or any) perfume on the sensitive skin of a baby makes sense?  Please, fellas. Maybe design a leopard-pattern diaper bag lined in fuschia, instead.

­Via RT:

“How can babies smell even sweeter than they already do?” According to the Dolce & Gabbana-produced magazine Swide, the “familiar smell associated with babies that melts our hearts will only be accentuated” by the new fragrance.

It is due to contain the scent of citrus, melon and honey, and won’t contain alcohol to irritate a babies’ skin.

However, some parents say they still “can’t imagine any mother doing that to a child”, concerned overm198502970002 the use of chemicals absorbed into the babies skin, prompting allergies.

The perfume will be unisex, “to cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl.” It’s expected to go on sale later this year, priced at about $45 for a 50ml bottle.dolce27f-1-web“–Via RT


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