Famous For Not Wearing Any, Lena Dunham’s New HBO Series Is About Clothes

“My work is like lay therapy,” Halbreich said. “You listen, you prescribe—clothes are a fix—and you hold up a mirror.”

Not since Lady Gaga pranced through Bergdorf Goodman, famously shopping sans pants, has a more unlikely Girl gone uptown to team with HBObetty-buga_3x-verticala_3x-vertical-3a_3x-horizontala_3x-vertical-1a_3x-vertical-2 on a series about the store’s legendary personal shopper,  Betty Halbreich.

More famous for taking off her clothes than caring about couture, Dunham and her Girls co-producer, Jenni Konner, will adapt the upcoming memoir  , All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go into a comedy series. It chronicles  Halbreich’s 36-year-long career as a  stylist, celebrity  clothing confidant to much older girls like Candice Bergen, Meryl Streep, Liza Minnelli, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.

Happily,  success is taking the girl out of Brooklyn for a long and expensive cab ride to 57th and 5th, destination: Bergdorf’s.

Frank and  funny,  the 85 year old  Halbreich is “blind and deaf” to the siren call of a label according to a recent piece in  the New Yorker magazine–a refreshing and chic high/low fashion  POV that’s welcome in our status obsessed world of $12,000 Chanel jackets and $10,000 bags. Go Girl!  Can’t wait for this one…


One thought on “Famous For Not Wearing Any, Lena Dunham’s New HBO Series Is About Clothes

  1. I freely admit that I am all shades of green (fashionable and not) with envy for Lena for her astoundingly lucrative book deal, but I’m already getting tired of her and she just got here. Thanks for the great news about her CONTINUED success. I may hang myself to celebrate.

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