House Of Diamonds: Chanel’s 1932 Collection Is Reborn 80 Years Later

Glamorous denial01-elle-chanel-jewelry-1937-Photo-Schall-xln-lgn 03-elle-chanel-jewelry-Photo-UNIVERSAL-5-xln-lgn 04-elle-chanel-jewelry-Photo-UNIVERSAL-4-xln-lgn 07-elle-chanel-jewelry-Photo-UNIVERSAL-1-xln-lgn 18-elle-chanel-jewelry-Film-Pathe-1932---5-xln-lgn 20-elle-chanel-jewelry-Film-Pathe-1932---3-xln-lgn helped us make it through the Depression.  (Think Busby Berkely and almost every Preston Sturgess screwball comedy of the 30’s.) In 1932, when no one was thinking diamonds, Chanel did Bijoux de Diamants, her one and only big-ticket jewelry collection. With a “go-large or go home”   sensibility born of statement faux jewels, her diamond pieces were so  bold and dazzling, they could almost be pretend. Of course,  prices were staggering then and are now.

“My reason for choosing diamonds is that, dense as they are, they represent the greatest worth in the smallest volume.” — Coco Chanel


” I want jewels that slip through the fingers of a woman like a ribbon.” – Coco Chanel

Chanel diamonds

The Franges12-elle-chanel-jewelry-Franges-Necklace-xln-lgn necklace worn as a tiara by a mannequin in the 1932 exhibit. Chanel liked the idea of using jewelry to transform. “I have a horror of clasps,” she told l’Illustration (a French magazine published between 1843 and 1944). “Yet my jewelry pieces can be reassembled. See this necklace; you can instantly make it into three bracelets and a brooch.”

Chanel jewels

Posture/ elizabeth arden

Eye Makeup


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