Foiled Again: Sandy Slices Facade From NY Apt Building Revealing Cheap Hotel

“Getting a room” collapse1n-2-web collapse1n-3-webin New York can be expensive for tourists but lucrative for landlords who snidely-whiplash-by-nightrpstar-ccillegally  rent furnished digs by the night instead of monthly as prescribed by NYC’s tough rent laws. After Sandy ripped the facade from the front of a small downtown apartment building, the eerie dollhouse perspective of these then- viral photos revealed strangely similar decor in all the units and very small rooms even by New York standards. Now we know why. The joint

The Meat Packing District 'Hotel' Before Sandy

The Meat Packing District ‘Hotel’ Before Sandy

was an illegal hotel for European tourists and the landlord owed over $30,000 in 2011/2012  fines for

Building After Damage

Building After Damage

doing work without permits.

After the collapse, the city cited the property owner, 92 8th Avenue Realty, LLC, for a “failure to maintain building walls”.


Vacate Order From The City

The Conrad Hilton wannabe collapse1n-7-copylandlord used to market his cut-rate accommodations. Hopefully at their other locales “they’ll leave the walls on for ya”…


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