So God Made A Farmer’s Daughter: Miss Piggy In The Hay

PiggyInTheHayPaul Harvey gave  the speech,”So God Made a Farmer,” at the Future Farmers of America convention in 1978. In 2011, made a YouTube video using Harvey’s speech.It went viral with over 1 million hits. Did the creative mad men at The Richards Group  who “created” the spot  for Dodge Ram Trucks think that no one would notice when they ripped it off for the 2013 Superbowl with identical Harvey voice over and better production values? Tuesday, Agency Spy reported that  “perhaps to  quell the cries of ripoff,  that is working with the Chrysler Group to raise money for the Future Farmers of America. We suppose Richards Group just, um, fine-tuned the original idea then.” Since Paul Harvey is dead, I wonder which hot shot copywriter has his John Hancock on the credits for this one–arguably the best-reviewed commercial of the game.

Original version, 2011

The Richards Group, 2013 Superbowl


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