Greed, Not Green, Is Mattel’s New Marketing Message As ‘Barbie’ Lists Malibu Home For $25 Million

barbie8n-1-web 70381263 b3 Good news for little girls who want to be Prudential Douglas Elliman star broker Dolly Lenz when they grow up. The iconic Mattel super doll whose unrealistic body and California blond weave is the stuff of reality housewife dreams, is cashing out. Bravo Million Dollar Listing Brokerbarbiedreamhouse Josh Altman has the $25,000,000 “listing”.

The 2013  Pepto Bismal Pinkb3b4b5 Mansion Promotion is so heavy-handed and the message for girls so b6mercenary, that the intended satire is both humorless and disturbing.

Barbie’s  2011 “green” housebarbie-architect-dream-house-04-537x405 design competition was responsible and relevant to a generation of kids who thankfully are more environmentally aware than we are.  But there’s nothing to “Like” on barbie8n-3-webFacebook when money is Mattel’s new message of hype for little girls.


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