The Pope Gives 3 Weeks Notice; Sexless Sex With Lena Dunham; Justin Bieber Is The New Anthony Weiner

A Pope quits for the 1st time in 600 years, effective the end of this month. The teenage heartthrob of the century, Justin Bieber, sexts an ‘Iphone down his pants’ photo of his boy parts to Hillary Clinton on SNL for Valentine’s Day. It’s not the Hillary part that’s disturbing; it’s the implied coolness (and role-model-ish permission) of such vulgar and potentially dangerous exhibitionism. Courting a girl with an online crotch shot is demeaning and dumb, even in jest and it could haunt you later at college/career/running for POTUS time. Though Lena Dunham might disagree. Once again, Girls gives us cringe-worthy, non-sexy sex and too much Lena. The doctor’s townhouse was beautiful even if the love scenes were not. There is something perverse about this Girl and it ain’t pretty.


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