Bloomberg’s Barclay Center Soundtrack For His Final State Of The City Speech: “A’int No Other Man” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”:

Since hubris helped make him the man he is today, it’s no surprise that Mayor Mike thinks he has spoiled us for all other mayors and that the size of his wallet does matter. It’s no secret that he doesn’t think the current crop of contenders fit to walk in one of the two pair of bberg_g_100830_420_2bberg_g_100830_420_1 mayors_shoes--300x300size 9EE work shoes he  has rotated and resoled for the last ten years. Both pairs are black loafers: one a penny loafer, the other tasseled.

This year, he said, he will attempt to  ban styrofoam containers,  ease the consequences of marijuana possession (no more  mandatory night in the slammer for pot possession arrest), install curbside charging stations for electric cars  and legalize European-style youth hostels across the city.

From the NY Times:

“From the floor of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn — itself a monument to his ambitious and controversial development agenda — Mr. Bloomberg delivered his final State of the City address with a vow not to retreat into a state of ribbon-cutting resignation.

After his term expires, however, the mayor made clear, over and over again, he could guarantee nothing.

…In what became a recurring theme in the 7,000-word speech, Mr. Bloomberg ominously suggested that without him, lobbyists, unions and campaign donors might retake their powerful places in city government.

“Given all the politics and special interests, if we don’t do it this year, it may never get done,” he said of his proposed rezoning plan for the area around Grand Central Terminal, intended to encourage the construction of modern towers. Later, defending aggressive stop-and-frisk police tactics, he said, “We can’t let politics trump public safety, and for the next 320 days — at least — we won’t.”

Preceded by a rollicking soundtrack and a dance routine from the Nets’ cheerleaders, Mr. Bloomberg’s speech seemed like a swan song not just for himself, but for the era of municipal government that he has represented: outsize, with a knowing sense of spectacle, and underwritten by the huge fortune of a mayor who is among his city’s richest residents.

For the valedictory backdrop, Mr. Bloomberg literally hung his accomplishments from the rafters: staff members installed banners from the ceiling trumpeting municipal achievements, with categories like “record low in homicides  and “record low fire fatalities.”BLOOMBERG2-popup BLOOMBERG1-articleLarge

Even the pre-speech music selections offered a dose of mayoral braggadocio, as guests milled in the stadium to Christine Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” and Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

And he periodically encouraged the crowd to cheer, saying, when he heard an apparently insufficient burst of clapping, “Yes, you can applaud for that.”


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