The Mid-Century Martini Style of Playboy’s ‘Penthouse’, Circa 1959, With Lenny Bruce

Few people (with the exception of Mae West in her mae-west hugh-heffner-crystal-harrisMyra Breckenridge period ) have aged less gracefully than Hugh Hefner. The jammies, the teenage girlfriends and the sad, faux sexiness of an 85 year old man pretending he isn’t Medicare material,  is cringe-worthy enough to have made it as a reality series for six seasons. But before all that, he a was a cultural provocateur and the self-made, sophisticated dude who helped write the playbook for the Mad Men era. And take note of the perfect 50’s decor and the sofas under the tushes of Lenny Bruce, Nat King Cole, author Rona Jaffee,  and other A-listers at the ‘party’:

“It’s their sweetness and sincerity that makes them very special.”–Hugh Hefner


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