For A Million Dollars, Coco Chanel Went Hollywood: The Movie Years


Chanel 1929 by Edward Steichen


Chanel 1929 by Hoyningen-Huene


Chanel 1929 by Edward Steichen

In chanel_figure_81929,  Chanel was introduced to Sam Goldwyn who agreed to pay her one million dollars a year , provided screen-shot-2011-07-17-at-2-27-49-pm that she make two trips a year to Hollywood. She  subsequently designed the costumes for three Hollywood films: “Palmy Days” (1931),

Tonight or Never” (1931)

and “The Greeks Had a Word For It” (1932)  (AKA “Three Broadway Girls”)

Despite the success of these films, Coco  never returned to California for an encore.  She found it difficult being subordinate to the stars and some actresses  even refused to wear her designs because they were not flamboyant enough. Huh? Check out the fur-trimmed evening coat in “Palmy Days” for Chanel at her most glamorous.


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