Miss Piggy On The Red Carpet; Piggy and Kermit Remake The Sexy Surf Scene from Here To Eternity

Move over, "The American Plan" Broadway Play Opening Night - Arrivals Salma-Hayek-Redbook-Magazine-2Joan Rivers and The Fashion Police.  Everyone’s favorite porcine blonde fashion sage is here to remind us how an iconic star updates her glamour i.q.with looks from Brian AtwoodMiss-Piggy-InStyle-Magazine-the-muppets-26965632-655-847 Miss-Piggy-InStyle-Magazine-the-muppets-26965644-655-856 BAFTA Awards 2012 - Arrivals - London The-Muppets-Piggy-Woman-the-muppets-26969027-466-700 Miss-piggy---the-muppets Miss-Piggy-and-Kermit-the-muppets-26969026-378-506 and Louis Vuitton. So what if Salma Hayek  married the boss, Mr. Pinault,  in lieu of the girl with the amazing pigure?    Piggy’s got Kermit, a dreamy and pricey couture  LV frock to wear on camera for the Oscars and  footage of that sexy romp on the beach like Deborah and Burt. Added bonus for Miss Piggy fans?  A  Jane Jane Russell - by George Hurrell 1943.Russell-ish shot of Piggy In the Hay; wearing Julia’s Pretty Woman but very 80’s boots; and the couple in period costume.PiggyInTheHay The-Muppets-Fine-Art-Parody-the-muppets-26967319-500-647


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