Churchill The Chowhound And My Own Private Nobu–NY Times

The Do It Yourself Sushi Chef Kit
Somehow,  this has the potential to get very Lucy/Ethel very fast. But it is quite beautiful and if you’re not up to the challenge (who is?!!!) , order a Chef on the side for an extra $350.

The  20BURNER1-blog480-v2Nobu Hand Roll Box, described by the NY Times as ” nothing short of designer D.I.Y.  It’s everything you need to make  sushi for 10 to 12.  The box, with 20 different ingredients, is $550. For another $350 a chef — will show up for personalized instruction. Delivery and returns are $100 each way, though you can do both yourself: At Nobu restaurants across the United States, Three days’ notice is required. In New York: (212) 757-3063.”–Front Burnter, NY Times

Do treaties go down easier with a good meal?  Turns out that not only could he write a speech for the ages and do his greatest geneneration best during WWII, but we now learn that Winston Churchill was quite a foodie.

From the New York Times:

“To Read: Peace, With a Side of Champagne

… “He  paid astonishing attention to the details of his dining experiences throughout his adult life, especially at meetings of the Big Three (with Stalin and Roosevelt or Truman) in far-flung destinations during World War II. These meals, and even white-linen picnics for generals in France after D-Day, are chronicled in “Dinner With Churchill” by Cita Stelzer (Pegasus Books, $27.95). Churchill relished good food and believed that delicate negotiations were often more successful at a meal than in a more formal conference room. Somehow, copious supplies of tableware and ingredients, including wartime luxuries like butter, were obtained by ship and air, and there were cases of Champagne, fine wines, whiskeys and brandies, too. But, the author notes, based on testimony from guests: “Churchill combined caution with a capacity, developed over a lifetime, to hold his alcohol.”


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