Revenge Of The Bad Brand Names: ‘man repeller x pjk…just saying’ At Bloomingdales And ‘Rain,Heat And Snow’ From The U.S. Post Office


Leandra Medine and Husband Ari Cohen

Is a bad, impossible to remember brand name created  by a popular blogger the way to go in fashion?  The sales jury is still out at Bloomingdales re: Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) and her new  fashion line launched in February 2013. Yes, she’s adorable, witty and despite her self-deprecating moniker a newly article-2216280-156A4C80000005DC-131_306x483married lady with a rich, Wall St. spouse she married in a posh and traditional St. Regis Hotel wedding.

8261005_fpx 8261018_fpx 8262193_fpxThough new, Man repeller xpjk…just saying feels like the kind of stuff an older sis hands down to a younger one after she’s worn the hell out of it for six months. Previously broken-in clothes with a social media princess pedigree are old news on the Manrepeller site. Leandra has been doing her version of ebay for a whiile now and recycling Leandra- worn items for the masses. The influential 24 year old Manhattan blogger also has a book deal, publishing a collection of essays in April, 2013.

By the time Neandra’s royalty checks start arriving by snail mail  in 2014, the U.S, Post Office will be in the schmatta business as well.

Warhol had it wrong. Instead of the promised 15 minutes of fame for everyone, everyone will have their own clothing line. Every reality star has some cheesy deal to make bags and shoes so why not those cash-strapped men in blue?8261023_fpx 8260993_fpx

The P,O.  chose “Rain Heat & Snow” as its  brand name,  as in: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” (Let’s ignore the ampersand, of course, which makes search engines go nuts).

“This agreement will put the mailman-in-snow 73179209Postal Service on the cutting edge of functional fashion,” agency licensing manager Steven Mills said in a statement. “The main focus will be to produce Rain Heat & Snow apparel and accessories using technology to create ‘smart apparel’ — also known as wearable electronics.”

“Rain Heat & Snow” is inititally just for for guys– with jackets, headgear, footwear and clothing “that allows integration of modern technology devices such as Ipods” agency spokesman Roy Betts said.

The P.O.  plans to sell its line in premium department stores and specialty stores, but not at post offices. Going Postal fashion can be yours in 2014.

Somehow I don’t see this at Saks.


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