Landlordrocknyc Cheap Thrill: Warby Parker’s Nerdy, Nostalgic $95 Glasses


Monocle, $50

9e8fa146d91527b8e05bfe99be27ad3a 121102_gallery_banners_men_optical 121102_gallery_banners_women_opticalReality tv blondes and other flashy fashion types won’t be buying these specs anytime soon, but for preppy frames at a price, Warby Parker is a fun alternative to $300  prescription glasses.  Available in  sunnies and optical frames, plus a steam-punkish monocle ( huh?), the 27 limited run styles use fine custom acetates and are custom fitted with anti-reflective, polycarbonate prescription lenses.


Google’s Smart Glasses Will Be Redesigned by Warby Parker

The e-start-up has even caught the eye of Google who is talking to the brand about designing their new smart glasses to look less  strange, a challenge for  someone wearing a computer processor,  battery and a tiny screen on their face.

Available exclusively through their  website and showrooms,  Warby Parker specs  start at $95. The company also  donates a pair of glasses for every pair sold.dlevitt-sun-jason-russell dlevitt-sun-joanna-hillman dlevitt-sun-NAME dlevitt-sun-shiona-turini 120102_bpgp


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