Merryl Should Wear Prada: Streep’s Red Carpet Hall of Shame

2010-Oscars-Meryl-Streep 238002-meryl-streep-at-the-2000-oscars 6878868837_2c905385ce_b meryl-streep-maxmara-women-in-film-crystal-lucy-awards julia-juila-la-premiere-meryl-streepO.K.,somebody’s got to say it. Our greatest living screen actress has horrible taste in red carpet finery . A case could be made for her being above all that and  for artistic integrity being more important than the frivolity of fashion but she consistently brings out the Stacy London”What Not To Wear” gene in me.  There’s a little empresses’ new clothes thing going on with her, 85th Annual Academy Awards - Show meryl-streep-oscars-2012-dress meryl-streep-maxmara-women-in-film-crystal-lucy-awards meryl-streep-iron-lady-european-premiere Meryl-Streep-in-Vivienne-Westwood-2012-SAG-Awards Meryl-Streep_dress_500 because even the bitchiest fashion wags say nothing about some of these unflattering, overly draped get-ups. But she does look lovely in that black bustier number from a few seasons ago.article-2100138-11B38CEC000005DC-54_470x732

And a dishonorable mention to jane-fonda-85th-annual-oscars-03Jane Fonda, hardly Mellow Yellow in this electric Versace Party Like It’s 1999 wide-shouldered throwback. It’s pretty obvious which of the Old Guard won’t spring for Rachel Zoe or Brad.

Donovan Mellow Yellow 1966

Prince 1999


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