No Magic of Macy’s For Martha On Centre Street: The Macy’s , JCP, Martha Stewart Trial Is On

Last week, loud tie and suit purveryor Donald Trump was having a notice–me hissy fit threatening a $25 million  lawsuit against  Dump Trump At Macy’s activist Angelo Carusone.

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This week, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren and Martha Stewart face off in court. At issue, is the exclusiveity of Martha’s deal with Macy’s to sell branded cookware, bedding and other Marthaesque  home stuff.

Somehow, JC Penney on its continuing road to customer confusion and declining sales, took a stake in Stewart’s company and planned to open Stewart boutiques in-store.

a6c5488578b80982bffc752a30e6742f e330fcc51e1966c8efdeaa43b1e6d98e dc3eff7a0ce578d0cd1e905d3f561977 260782e0ff517833944d0a3264f95f47The future of all of it hinges on a  loophole in the agreement with Macy’s. “It’s a provision that allows Martha Stewart to sell goods in categories like bedding in Martha Stewart Living’s own stores.

According to Martha Stewart, because the Macy’s agreement doesn’t say the goods under dispute can be sold “only in “stand-alone” stores, the mini shops within J.C. Penney stores do not fall under the exclusive agreement.

Macy’s Inc., based in Cincinnati, disagrees. Lundgren argues that a typical definition of a store is that it has a parking lot or is part of a mall.”

Is it me or should Mr. Lundgren  please tell his lawyers that internet stores do count. (Macy’s is Whopper-sized and does not have a parking lot.)

He testified that he hung up on Stewart when she called to tell him she was no longer monogamously Macy’s. The two friends have not spoken since. JCP is a mess as we know, so the billions in play here legally are very significant to all parties.

I did check. Macy’s still sells Martha and the stuff is kind of wonderful.

Everyone’s favorite mean girl with mother issues is Martha’s daughter, Alexis who had a show a few seasons back,  making fun of Mom: “Whatever Martha”.


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