John Lautner’s Mushroom House For Bob Hope in Palm Springs: $50 Million


John Lautner was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright.
He designed the Elrod Residence which is also in Palm Springs, California.

Who knew that old-school, Old Hollywood couple 25exlu-c-popup 25-Exclu-1-popup 25-EXCLU-span-articleLargeBob and Delores Hope had a thing for modernist homes?  Hope made tons of dough buying California  real estate and this Lautner designed  six bedroom, 23, 366 sq. ft.  was one of three they owned in Palm Springs. Designed in 1973, it was completed in 1980 and described by the NYTimes  as having  ” three visor like arches and an undulating concrete roof, a hole at its center opening a courtyard to the sky


Exterior, Bob Hope House by John Lautner,
Palm Springs, $50 Million

“Noticeably absent from the listing photos are interior shots—as is often the case with properties as storied as this—but the Times offers details about what lurks within those glassy walls: a “boulder jutting into the living room,” which was part of Lautner’s original plan, plus traces of the Hopes’ design decisions, like “a Rousseau-like mural on the back wall of the bar,” that eventually caused the architect to bid sayonara (amicably, as it goes) to the project. (In aiming to make the interiors “more livable,” Dolores changed the layout so many times that Bob “used to say every time he went away he needed a road map to get back through his house,” of their daughters recalls.) Outside: putting greens, a tennis court, a pool, and a pond. “-Curbed LA


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