The Way We Were: Fashion’s Night Out In The U.S. Is No More

Fashion Night Out, 57th & 5th

Fashion Night Out, Bergdorf Goodman NYC,  57th & 5th

Being Likeable on Facebook4fc4062d0e3fac5a3474b769d549e838 244bec4760ae5d2d8f7aef11d1c508e7 d9e61f2da7fa88a59df9b43fd9500b19 932de24717f851c2aa1c7fc8b91c1dda 2210243e04c5da5639f3960599cd46c4 or trending big on Twitter doesn’t always equate to bucks at the cash register. Marketers weasel their way out of disappointing ROI analysis  by citing  ‘engagement’ as the upside of it all and trotting out the old saw that the way to talk to customers is so different now yada yada, yada. ‘Experiential’  is the fancy new buzz word stand in for the term  ‘special events’  and Fashion’s  Night Out has been  the big enchilada  event in New York since 2009.  The biggest block party in town concept spread to 500 U.S. cities and 30 overseas.

Four years later, FNO is no more, at least in the U.S.A. The reason for what is euphamistically called a  ‘hiatuis” ? It cost a lot of dough and no one made any. The big players didn’t need the P.R. and emerging brands didn’t get any. Yes, It was fun while it lasted,  but despite what your social media guru tells you, Steven Kolb is wrong. Retail success is measured by numbers and this Anna Wintour endorsed  big night on the town ultimately
did not add up.

Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of the CFDA, when asked if FNO was a big money maker, Kolb replied: “I don’t think the success of it was measured onlyb85438c4b058a1591468a42106ccbf24 e6086c727d7ebda08c303ed9b6a8b8a9 by numbers or money, but was really about engagement.…Everyone feels we had a great four years. It brought a lot of attention to retail, to fashion’s important place in retail. Everyone feels really proud of what we accomplished, and excited to take those lessons and continuing them throughout the year.”


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