What $37 Million Buys In The South Of France: Villa in Cap D’Antibes

Antibes3_Pano 2-1 3_Pano 3_RS37803_120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-8-16x10--BSR4500-scr 3_RS40894_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-25-scr-1

Cap d’Antibes, France cote d’ Azur, $37,000,000

Bedrooms: 7

Full bathrooms: 7

Lot size: 12,916

Square feet: 8,611 sq ft

Year built: 1930

Soethby’s International

Gerard DepardieuG-rard-Depardieu-gerard-depardieu-23679203-266-319 gerard-ap-photo-roberto-pfeil 3_RS37809_120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-11-16x10--BSR4500-scr 3_RS40915_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-35-16x10-scr 3_RS40910_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-33-scr 3_RS40298_120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-6-BSR4500-scr 3_RS40927_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-41-16x10-scr 3_RS40931_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-43-16x10-scr 3_RS40940_120620-120420-CA4264-Picoletta-MAB-48-scrhas taken off for Moscow and the 13% flat Russian tax rate. With a 75% top tax rate proposed for the future, even national French treasures like BardotBrigitte+Bardot+2 are making noises about relocation. Look for more lush trophy spots in France to hit the market as more favorable tax havens beckon.


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