Jennifer Lawrence And The Joker: When Cinderella Owned The Ball

Watching Jennifer Lawrence at 22, (Dior couture malfunctions and all), reminds me of those famous Alfred Wertheimer photos of Elvis at fullsize-1 fullsize-2 fullsize21, taken before fame and fortune crippled him for life. Being famous now is an even bigger and faster 1361799195_jennifer-lawrence-fall-467jennifer-lawrence-wardrobe-malfunction-05deal, quantifiable with viral Twitter and Facebok metrics that measure fans in the hundreds of millions. (Would the world be as Ga Ga about The Lady without her record-setting band of Little Monsters?)

The Oscar winner’s  still-innocent  “I can’t believe I’m in Hollywood” charm  is clearly evident in this wonderful exchange with a star who has never been innocent, Jack Nicholson.

Just two days later, the  paparazzi  caught her sans make-up but with a jointjennifer-lawrence-smoking-pot-lighter jennifer-lawrence-smoking-pot-weed and wine  in  Hawaii. I trust Ms. Lawrence has now learned the lesson of the telephoto lens.


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