Celebrity Eviction L.A. : Candy Spelling Won’t Leave Her Rental Apt.


After nearly 20 years in The Manor, a 56,500-square-foot French chateau-style home known for its size and extravagance — it includes a wine-tasting room, a bowling alley, a silver room, a china room and a well-known gift-wrapping room — she says she is ready for the next trophy property: a condominium.
“People say, How can you move from The Manor? There’s no place like it,” Mrs. Spelling said, sitting in the library with leatherbound scripts of every episode of Mr. Spelling’s shows, from “Charlie’s Angels” to “7th Heaven.”
But a condo, she said, “is no different than a house, maybe even better.”

2011.06_carlylecandyIt’s a legal he says/ she says and it feels so New York Housing Court you almost expect to see Donald Trump getting into the act just for the P.R. play. At issue, are the temporary 0222-candy-spelling-2digs of Tory Spelling’s very wealthy mom and the crib she’s renting for $28,000 a month while her new  $41 million penthouse  is being made Spelling worthy. Her place isn’t ready but the landlord is ready for her to go–claiming the lease is over and he’s selling the joint.

She claims she has an option to extend. Spelling’s lawyer Michael Saltz is also claiming “violations” of sorts: i.e. double billing for utilities, an out of Birkin 10K Spelling expenditure to fix the air-conditioning and heating system in the  posh Westwood Carlyle  condo  and the  unauthorized  use of her private elevator by unauthorized people.

Now Landlordrocknyc has learned that Spelling is also suing the owners of the Century City building (and  $47 million  duplex penthouse)  she is renovating. Turns out that the promised amenities aren’t happening as promised and a restaurant scheduled to open Jan. 1 didn’t. (Where is Lisa Vanderpump when we need her?)

22 year old Formula One racing heiress Petra Ecclestone bought the Manor from Spelling

22 year old Formula One racing heiress Petra Ecclestone bought the Manor from Spelling for a rumored $85 million in 2011. Asking price was $150 million.


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