Hedi Slimane Slimes Saint Laurent In His Second Collection

It turns out that Mr. Slimanehorynhedi_2358464a mean-tweeted Cathy Horyn of the NYTimes after she criticized  his debut collection for Saint Laurent. This time, she didn’t bother with a review. Eric Wilson in a passive/aggressive display of NYT fashion scribe solidarity didn’t comment but  a_3x-horizontal xlarge-1quoted the outrage he overheard at the show. Gazillion-dollar grunge from the house of Saint Laurent?

For very rich girls who want to dress poor when shopping at a thrift shop is so much more fun, Saint Laurent Fall 2012:

“So we get itSaint Laurent - Runway - PFW F/W 2013 xlarge-3 xlarge-4 xlarge-6. Slimane is remaking Saint Laurent. It’s young. It’s sexy. It’s très rock and roll. A gazillion girls who love Urban Outfitters’ signature homage to Seattle Grunge will adore this luxed-up version … But he needs to have more faith in the enduring allure of beautifully engineered pieces — and riff on them some more next season. Neither he — nor Saint Laurent — requires the styling tics of a 20-year-old teenage music revolution.” —Lisa Armstrong for the Telegraph

“Few archetypes are more engaging than the undone girl , especially when under her ratty hair, pout, pounding gait and sloppy chic lurk a pretty face and skinny body. But is playing a cutesy, disaffected-youth hand enough to propel the house of Saint Laurent into today’s luxury stratosphere — especially if the targeted air space is that in which Chanel and Dior reside? That, too, remains a question.” —WWD


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