It’s A Bad, Brad World And Boring Wednesday Fashion Night For Bravo TV

It should be appointment TV,  but Bravo’s Fashion Night was so much of a snore , I almost left the chic side of reality TV for the redneck rich guys aka, “Duck Dynasty”

The Robertson Duck Dynasty before they had beards and money.


The Robertson Duck Dynasty Before They Had Beards and Money.

duck-decoder-blog480 . on  A & E.  I’ve never seen cable’s top rated family saga of duck calls and decoys,  but it’s been a breakout hit for four seasons.

“Down in Louisiana where the alligators grow so mean”–Elvis, Polk  Salad Annie (VIDEO) :

Swamp Peopleswamp_slide Swamp-People-300x225 swamp-people-guist-brothers-205x125 is another  rating hottie also starring guys with raggedy Deliverance beards. But these boys don’t have money and spend their lives chasing gators in Louisiana  so that the Givenchy gown consignor on the new “Dukes Of Melrose” can flash  that  shiny black alligator Birkin on episode one. Just seeing  close-ups of museum quality vintage almost makes this one worth watching   and Decade partners Cameron Silver

Cameron Silver

Cameron Silver


Christos Garkinos

and Christos Garkinos are amusing and knowledgeable dealers.

But I found myself watching the clock as Rachel Zoe & co agonized over her repetitious collection of sequiny ponchos sliding off one shoulder. And her former apprentice Brad STREETFSN rachel-zoe-full-v2Goreski, in all his hyper, colorful-suited  stylist glory,
gave some peppy, preppy punch to Kate Spades’s 20 year anniversary collection. It’s hard to care about any of it, but the shows are pretty to look at.


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