Shrimpton Abbey: Jean Shrimpton’s Cotswold’s Hotel


Highly rated and dog friendly, Shrimpton’s Hotel Abbey is somewhat of a cheap-thrill for travelers and dog-friendly.

Quoting Heidi Klum, “In fashion, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out”. In her early 30’s, the face of the 1960’s and one of the most beautiful women 3d887cba6d3999a35a3dfe8c205e91f6ever to grace a Vogue cover, opted out. Jean Shrimpton’s disappearing Garbo act took her North of London to Penzance where she has owned and run The Abbeyjean-shrimpton-007-1 Penzance6 shapeimage_3-1 shapeimage_22 Hotel for over 30 years.


Shrimpton shocked the world by appearing at a racing event in Australia without gloves, hat and in the first mini-skirt photographed on a celeb. It was 1965 and the dress seems so ladylike and modest now.

“Fashion is full of dark, troubled people,” she said in an interview with The Guardian. “It’s a high-pressured environment that takes its toll and burns people out. Only the shrewd survive – Andy Warhol, for example, and David Bailey.” We are talking about British fashion designer John Galliano, who was sacked by Dior last month after allegedly making antisemitic comments. Shrimpton, dressedShrimpton+3 Shrimpton+5 Shrimpton+7 in a simple, unostentatious black dress – more bohemian than haute couture – is quick to lament the fashion world’s excesses. “No one can condone what he said – it’s reprehensible. But it’s hypocritical to pretend that fashion is normal, that people in it are role models. And it’s stupid to deny that people behave badly.”

We have heard little of “The Shrimp” since she vanished from swinging London19c4ec57924f8bd5d4200f065ae8a5b0 938d14c2cf4f5a1c2d704308dac2b60c and took off to the West Country. She recently popped up in Channel 4’s Country House Rescue, and in 1990 a ghostwritten autobiography appeared, but Shrimpton makes no bones about why she played ball. “I needed some money to renovate the roof of the hotel,” she says, her blue eyes flashing, arms firmly folded. She adds, curtly: “I didn’t want the book to appear. I’ve hated publicity all my life. I didn’t even like it when I was a model.”

Jean and former flame David Bailey who she left for Terrance Stamp

Jean and former flame David Bailey who she left for Terrance Stamp

Shrimpton & Stamp

Shrimpton & Stamp


2 thoughts on “Shrimpton Abbey: Jean Shrimpton’s Cotswold’s Hotel

  1. The Shrimp was always, gorgeous, smart, classy and sassy. Apparently she still is. I’d love to stay at her hotel!

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