The Rich Nerd Shirts of Saint-Paul Designer Jungho Geortay

There is something low-key11113904035-12MC-saintpaul-chemise-01-0575-0465 11113904035-12MC-saintpaul-chemiserhapsody-04-0575-0465 11113904036-12MC-saintpaul-chemise-01-0575-0465 11113904036-12MC-saintpaul-chemisecanageblue-04-0575-0465 but special about this new luxury men’s shirt brand. Saint-Paul Designer Jungho Geortay: draws all the prints by hard and they have  a rich-nerdy  edge that 11413904037-08GR-saintpaul-veste-01-0575-0465 11413904037-08GR-saintpaul-vestedhiver-04-0575-0465feels very “Guys the  HBO GIrls would date who work at Goggle” . The Saint-Paul guy doesn’t shop the slick Brit shirts at Pink even for a wedding. Geortay did gigs at  Lanvin, Enzo, Galutier before starting his own firm four years ago. Find St.Paul at the Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store. Shirts are about $100.

From the Saint-Paul website of Jungho Geortay:

“Each piece of this line has its own identity, prints are exclusive and share in common poetry, humor and fantasy.11113904034-12MC-saintpaul-chemise-01-0575-0465 11113904034-12MC-saintpaul-chemiseoestcharlie-04-0575-0465 11413904038-06NY-saintpaul-veste-01-0575-0465 12013904041-01BC-saintpaul-tshirt-01-0575-0465 12013904040-01BC-saintpaul-tshirt-01-0575-0465Tthe shirts are cut and handmade in our Morrocan workshops. T-shirts prints are hand painted and hand drawn, which makes each piece unique.

Jackets are made in association with Mister Smith: we created the Winter Jacket, with thermally moulded pockets, combined with traditional tailoring techniques. They are lined with wool and cashmere and are tailored in a Sicilian workshop,


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