Princess Lilian Of Sweden Dies At 97 : Love Scenes From A Royal Marriage

130310235353-princess-lilian-sweden-story-top-1It was a royal love story2768306522_3c82ddfa79 NPG x76042; Lilian Craig (nÈe Davis), Princess Lilian of Sweden; Prince Bertil, Duke of Halland by Anthony Buckley 35Grattis-0830-Lili_466145d 3471423707_1eb8714718_z with elements of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s tale  and none of the buzz or the banishment.  Like the Duke, the Prince of Sweden didn’t ascend  to the throne and married  the girl, albeit 33 years after they met in 1943 , fell in love and moved in together.  Like Wallis, she was a divorced commoner and  foreign born (Wales) and  they couldn’t marry for dynastic reasons that only royal families truly understand.  But in 1976, Carl_XVI_Gustaf_of_Sweden, who had also married a commoner, gave his blessing and Cinderella  2768306404_d4fb0f975f 2765115773_c3dac4d5b2 00_02_banquetgot her Prince.  She was 61, Prince Bertil was 63.


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