Chumlee, Barry And Moe: The Three Clowns of Treasure Hunt TV

One of the joys of watching Pawn Stars and Storage Wars  is knowing you won’t be seeing any of Lena Dunham’s lady parts or her dirty but depressing Sunday night sex scenes.

“Treasure Hunt TV” is a parade of “What’s It worth”  pawn shop walk-ins and sometimes serendipitous storage locker finds.  The genre has spawned three big breakout stars:  Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Barry Weiss, and Morris “Moe” Prigoff.  Two of the guys came on the scene already rich, while Chumlee is a high school dropout.


Chumlee, Pawn Stars

Russel is the “smarter than he acts” sidekick and best-friend archetype who evokes  Jughead  from Archie’s comic world or any slacker ever  played by Jack Black in a film.  His deadpan wit and authentic feel for popular Dude culture  and street art (He’s a big fan of Bansky) have earned him a big fan following and the chumlee-driveway chumlee-shoe-collectionmoney to support a serious sneaker habit.

Barry Weiss brings a Jack Nicholson intensity and bad boy prankish humor to his competitive forays into  the abandoned relics of other people’s lives, (aka a storage locker) . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Barry-Weiss-Storage-Wars-Cowboy-Cadillac-9 barry-weiss-cowboy-cadillac-by-frank-derosa-06A lifelong

Barry Weiss With Rock Star Red Hair

Barry Weiss With Rock Star Red Hair


Barry Weiss, Storage Wars, Today

collector, he usually keeps his best finds for himself and owns some the wildest rides in L.A. The sale of the big fruit and veggie business he owned with his brother gives him the resources to forage for fun, not for survival.


Dr. Morris “Moe”Prigoff, Storage Wars Texas

Morris “Moe” 1kagan_grandePrigoff  is a Dallas antique dealer who has paid the rent for over 40 years as a Podiatrist. The good doctor is famous for his flamboyant

ASICS Gel_Noosa Running Shoes Favored by Dr.Prigoff

ASICS Gel_Noosa Running Shoes Favored by Dr.Prigoff

footwear and absent minded professor brand of good humor. Credit his Regency Modern gallery for this Landlordrocknyc cheap thrill sofa. It has a Kagen look and is only $2,800. A NYC dealer would ask twice Moe’s price.vintage_01-1


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