The Difference Between Old Money And New: Not Having To Buy Your Own Furniture

Berkeley Castle Bed

A 400-year-old bed in Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, which has been slept in by 15 generations of the same aristocratic family, has been identified as the oldest still in use in the United Kingdom.

John Berkeley, 81, and his wife Georgina, 73, still spend their nights slumbering in this splendid four poster bed at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, located in the Great State Bedroom.

The antique four-poster has an ornate carved headboard featuring a set of royal arms in the middle of the headboard dating the bed  to the period after the accession of James I in 1603.

The castle is the oldest continuously-occupied castle in England after the royal fortresses of the Tower of London and Windsor Castle, and the oldest to be continuously owned and occupied by the same family.

On behalf of the Berkeley family I would like to welcome you to Berkeley Castle, our ancient fortress home where we have lived since our ancestor, Robert Fitzharding, completed the Keep in the late 12th Century.

Berkeley Castle is one of the most remarkable buildings in Britain and possibly the most outstanding example of Mediaeval domestic architecture in the country.

Where other Castles were romanticised or “modernised” by the Georgians or the Victorians, Berkeley quietly survived as what it is: a Norman fortress with an enclosing curtain wall, built and enlarged through the mediaeval period and beyond into a secure, comfortable, substantial home.

charlescannon1I hope that sometime you will visit the Castle to experience its special atmosphere. We can only give you a very small flavour here of what to expect. But whether here on the website or in person, I do hope that you enjoy your visit.

Charles Berkeleygamefair08020-1 gamefair08024 castlenight img0518

designed by eberlin


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