Chelsea Clinton And Mark buy $10.5 Million Condo On Madison Park: The Whitman’s 15 Minutes Of Fame

There are now four famous Whitmans: Poet 002Walt ; Mr. Potato Head Exec Turned Luckiest Start-up CEO ever (eBay) MegCOLORBANNER  ; Dick (Don Draper’s not his real name) WhitmanEbay Celebrates 10th Annivesary At eBay Live! Conference of Mad Men shame; and a reclaimed fabric showroom and plumbing union headquarters on Madison Park newly annointed as the future condo home of chelsea-clinton-320Chelsea and Mark.

According to the New York Observer:

“The The-Whitman-01Whitman, at 12 East 26th Street, is just the kind of old-fashioned with lots of new-fangled bellsclinton15n-2-web clinton15n-3-web clinton15n-4-web clinton15n-5-web and whistles luxury product that has had buyers frothing at the mouth these days. To wit, 15 Central Park West, 18 Gramercy Park and 135 East 79th Street. A brand new or gut-renovated building molded into classically-styled condos on a Park is a fail-safe residential development play in Manhattan. No one relishes dealing with the awkwardness of kitchenside maids’ rooms pre remodeling job or blue hairs on a co-op board. Nor is townhouse living for everyone. Ditto industrial chic—a painfully played out trend if we ever saw one. Especially not those who have spent eight of their formative years living in the uber-traditional White House.”–New York Observer

The $5,000 square foot apartment has  four bedrooms, 6½ bathrooms, a home office, media room and a family room that overlooks the park, according to the Post. The five-story building features an apartment on each floor with a keypad elevator for privacy and security.

With the help of British Designer Kelly HoppenKelly-Hoppen-profile_317x293_HR_galerias_rooms_superior_01 Kelly-Hoppen2-Bar-Marfil-1 via+flikr hoppen500x370 who did the finishes, The Whitman  beautifully  blends  clean modernism with “Yes, It’s Worth The Money” New York glamour. She is known for loving beige, designing for the Beckhams  and having a comfortably opulent style.


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