Mad Men Season 6 Preview Photos: Still In The Age Of Aquanet

o-MAD-MEN-SEASON-6-POSTER-570peggy-olson cast-mad-men-season-6-1 cast-mad-men-season-6 don-draper-megan-draper joan-harris roger-sterling

They’re back, three Sundays from today, on April 7th.The preview photos just released to tease us, show women still O.D.’ing  on  cheap, Ozone-killing cans of hair spray. The worst offender once again is Peggy Olson with her  stiff and spinsterish  Dear Abby/ Ladybird Johnson do. Outside the world of Sterling Cooper the  Age of Aquarius2766540_origMad+Men+Season+6+Promo+Photos+17-1 is dawning and I’m waiting to see some hippie chick vogue-cover-1960s-hairstyle-make-up-june-1965hair and summers of love bellbottom/mini skirt style this season. Of course, Peggy’s  taste has always been suspect. Remember,  this is a young woman who not only slept with Pete Campbell  in Season One but had his baby. Note Campbells trudy-campbell-pete-campbellpuny sideburns to mark the march of time.


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