Move Over Milton Berle: Jon Hamm’s Pants Need Air Brushing

1950’s trousers were drapey but 1960’s pants were on the skinny side so Jon Hamm has been 1363806500071.cached-1asked to wear undies under his swinging 60’s wardrobe. It is also rumored that the Photoshop pros in the Mad Men art be5509f88ac9ae251c367cad2864157b 205efaf9df202ec9a9876add4be1bf47-1department are busy editing Mr. Hamm’s other ‘appearances’. Here, some truly cringe-worthy sexist trouser adverts from the summer of love:57ee513b2d6a974ede3a7827f06f9027 05283944ac9e64d7a2af90e86a7efeef 6ebf63337fcff6712ee17da1c24ee27d 6687f8e2ee97beeaabea5e1fc7230667

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