French Luxury Goods Conglomerate PPR Has A New Name: It Rhymes With Herring

Stockholders should hope that the fancy French firm did not pay a branding consultant a lot of francs for this re-branding. Kering? They like it because it sounds like “caring”?  We don’t want “caring” from Gucci. Bags that don’t cost $2,000bfe97ea522b78ba9df8913364ffbfb55 059b7ca4a96cd8fb3b4883f97d23da04 2ff2c3c6eaa55dca782ce90287d52b2f 4f8cc2482835f941203fd66b0b3b8937 are what we want, Francois-Henri.

“PARIS—PPR SA PP.FR -0.89% will change its name to Kering in June, a move that reflects its transformation from a French conglomerate to a sportswear and luxury-goods group.

In the past decade, PPR has shed its retail and business-to-business activities to focus on global brands such as Gucci and Puma.


Getty ImagesPPR Chairman and CEO François-Henri Pinault presents the new group’s name.

Chief Executive Francois-Henri Pinault said the new name draws on the company’s roots in France’s Brittany region but projects it internationally. “Ker” signifies home in Breton, Mr. Pinault said. The “ing” component of the name is meant to invoke action in the English language, such as “being” and “going”, Mr. Pinault said.

The pronunciation of the name—”caring”—signifies the group’s approach to cultivating its brands. “We are there to care for the brand and take care of the brand,” Mr. Pinault said.

A logo of an owl accompanies the new name. Mr. Pinault chose the animal because it represents wisdom. It also pays homage to his father, the company’s founder, because it is his favorite animal. “He always has them.”–WSJ


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