Gillette’s Gratuitous, Germy Kissandtell Promotion

Eeeew! Gillette’s 15 city tour to promote the joys of being clean-shaven  happened during  the peak of flu season 2012/1023 . I’m sure it was sold as being hip, sexy, ironic and a sure-thing way to reach a younger consumer. (Have you ever known a marketer who wanted to reach older consumers?)  Sorry kids. Kissandtell  just feels like a cheesy, overwrought P.R. stunt that has so far failed to get much press pickup or buzz. VideoImage_Preview-module-1One lesson learned from this  sleazy, overdone “experiential” event  that involves kissing strangers  during a very bad flu epidemicBDLOJnwCQAAXgx5, was reported by Gillette: ” 2 out of 3 women said men would have better luck with them if they shaved.”


“Couples are invited to attend and help the company determine which stage of men’s facial hair leads to the best overall kissing experience. Guys clean shaven and fully bearded are equally encouraged to stop by and pucker up. On hand, undoubtedly, will be plenty of Gillette razors to help you with that pesky 5 0′clock shadow.

In a documentary listed on the company’s website, I reported last month, a comely blond female narrator wanders around the Boston Common hellbent on proving we’re in a “kissing recession” by asking a handful of bearded dudes when they last had the privilege of kissing a girl. One guy can’t seem to remember, another dude can’t either. The takeaway seems to be that guys with facial are so horrible to kiss, they can’t even remember their last such makeout sesh.

Women, alternatively, champion the act of kissing as it relates to the overall strength of a relationship. Gillette contends that 94 percent of women believe kissing their partner is very or somewhat important to the relationship. And nearly a third of those surveyed said they’ve avoided kissing a guy because he had facial hair.

I’m all for public social experimentation, but encouraging couples to swap spit outdoors in the middle of a Boston winter at the height of flu season sounds like a public health disaster waiting to happen. Nothing says romance like chapped lips and running noses.”


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