It’s Fashion Victim Time: Gladiator Sandal Boots And City Shorts

0478953473828_247x3290431625828272_247x329Saks is touting 251345505_e2480b6918these two terrible trends for Spring as must-haves. Must haves for who? 75b5c8ea5ef8e9ae1a5fd1b2df7725e1Anyone flush enough and toned enough to spend nearly four grand on a pair of 4f4b3bda3fc9d58cdcaa0e90a37b7cf1 55a45e12521f452f041f879862e7295c 376934b9d76d09f3e78e7f74979eabc3 b00f31c9a2c71dac929f221705f21b2f boots and ill-fitting shorts0411438311246_247x329 0431654080474_247x329-1 0439062932507_247x329 0476151607687_247x329 0478561948619_247x329 .  Do not, I repeat, do not try this look if you’re over 40. Actually, don’t try this look if you’re over 30.

Helmut Newton did it better using a leg brace prop. Perhaps this iconic 1995 shot was the visual muse for all of this hideousness. Maybe Naomi Cambell can make this cringe-worthy trend work. I have my doubts. But expect to see it in the Hamptons and later on the twice-reduced sale racks.


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