Badgley And Mishka Get Hitched After 28 Years ; Glam Evening Shoes Under $300


Mark Badgley and James Mischka got married at City Hall in New York on Friday. The designing duo, now legal partners in life as well as in business, create some of the most glamorous CG-303501.400.1 d1a1cc8af1df021328570279e61c3aefb6ee33c73ee4500ab1a3da85b8c34669big event clothes and accessories on the planet for weddings and the red carpet.188da18469b4bbd71d17802ccee41884 115a4b2bba26d2752279bfad3a402edf Their evening shoes, most priced under $300, have a ladylike vibe that’s Manolo-ish without the price tag.

They  have been together for 28 years, since  meeting  at the Parsons School of Design in N.Y.C. They launched their iconic brand in 1988 (followed by bridal in 1993).

The Friday wedding was an intimate affair, witnessed only by Mark’s twin sister O’Hara Fottrell. Both men wore silver ties (Mark’s was a bow tie) with blazers and dark denim. They celebrated afterwards with close BMC101301.400.1 7f9d0370fd15d8ff81488854d3db6d93friends and family at a local restaurant, while mid-’80s music played to celebrate their first years together.


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