Below The Belt With The Billionaire’s Club: The Bill Gates Condom And Harold Hamm’s Divorce


Two men with bad haircuts and big wallets are in the news for sex-related stories.

One wants to change the world with his $100,000 condom challenge.

“Condoms have been in use for about 400 years yet they have undergone very little technological improvement in the past 50 years.” Gates anti-poverty organization said.

Gates and his foundation hope  developing more pleasurable condoms will encourage safer sex  (Maybe Lena Dunham’s Girls will get the message.)

While Oklahoma oil billionaire Harold Hamm, Sue Ann HammHarold Hamm (any relation to Jon?) is looking to save his own financial butt in what could be the largest divorce settlement in history. Turns out ol’ Harold was having an affair and Mrs. Hamm’s lawyers are talking about a 5 bilion dollar payday for his bride of 25 years. An  economist  and corporate lawyer who held top executive posts at Continental, Sue Ann Hamm can make a plausible claim that she  contributed very directly to her husband’s success.

Via Reuters: “Investors swiftly stripped half a billion dollars from the market value of Continental Resources on Thursday following news that founder and 68 percent owner Hamm and his wife are splitting. That may not do the threat justice. Any division of the tycoon’s $11 billion fortune leaves Continental exposed to hefty stock sales or a feud at the top.

Business leaders, even prominent ones, normally escape the scrutiny of their private lives that is reserved for politicians or celebrities. Hamm is an exception. That’s not because he dabbled in politics, as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s energy adviser. Rather, it is because of his stranglehold over the oil company he took public in June 2007. Since then, Continental has surged fivefold in value, making Hamm one of America’s richest men. It has also given minority holders in the $16 billion driller a legitimate interest in his personal affairs.

The divorce settlement is set to be a whopper. . A lengthy court battle creates uncertainties” – Via Reuters


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