What Are You Worth? : Storage Wars Star Barry Weiss To Host Own Show On AE

He’s the geriatric heart throb of Storage Wars with his playful wit, Jack Nicholson delivery, silver fox hair and all those boy toys (aka the best and craziest custom cars in L.A) . Now starcasm.com is reporting there are casting notices for a Barry Weiss spin-off on A & E.  No word BTW, re: the lawsuit and departure of the “Yuup!” man, former cast member Dave Hester.

Via: Starcasm


Barry Weiss’ Beverly Hills Home

Barry-WeissStorage Wars is taking over reality television! We posted earlier today that the popular A&E series was expanding into New York City and Miami, but those may not be the only new Storage Wars inspired shows coming to the small screen soon. The same casting company that posted the casting call for Storage Wars New York and Storage Wars Miami last April later asked for potential families in need of $5,000 – $15,000 for a show titled “What Are You Worth?” featuring barry-weiss-beatnik-backend-600x371 Barry-Weiss-beatnik-gary-chopit-600x297 barry-weiss-cadillac-600x450 barry-weiss-coe-truck-600x450 barry-weiss-driving-deco-liner barry-weiss-moto-guzzi Barry Weiss!

Here’s a Facebook post made by Metal Flowers Media in August of 2011:

FAMILIES: Need 15K???? We want to hear why. We are looking for families who have a compelling need for some extra money: daughters wedding? Son training for the Olympics? Wife wants to open that bakery since Dad is retired? Tell us!

That was followed by this wall post about two-and-a-half weeks later:

Still looking for families to appear in “What Are You Worth”, featuring Barry Weiss from Storage Wars. Why do you need 5k – 15k??!! Apply now…

It appears that they were hoping to keep Barry Weiss’ name a secret, but were having difficulty getting applicants so decided to use his name to attract more folks.

The show is listed as “What are You Worth featuring Barry Weiss” on the Metal Flowers Media website and A&E is listed as the network.


5 thoughts on “What Are You Worth? : Storage Wars Star Barry Weiss To Host Own Show On AE

  1. Can’t find any current info on the new show….hope they are still going to do it and would love to apply but can’t find anywhere that follows thru on any links…give Barry his show!!!

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