Yesterday’s Blonde: The High-Wasp Perfection of C.Z. Guest

tumblr_mhzn25r2761qe37dpo1_500With her best-of-breed 51BxugYJcJL hbz-czguest-style-5-de-97920207 hbz-czguest-style-6-de-32304799 hbz-czguest-style-9-de-2111559blonde beauty and debutante goes wild (to a point) past, C. Z. Guest was Daisy Buchanan without the dark side. In later years we knew her as a best-selling garden guru and author, but like Grace Kelly she was born to the life Ralph Lauren creates for the rest of us.

A socialite wouldn’t be sexy without a bit of rebellion. C. Z.posed nude for Diego Rivera. (Her husband’s family bought the painting to absorb the shock. ) Like Gloria Vanderbilt, she had a short,showy fling with Hollywood, hoping “to be just successful enough as an actress  to get thrown out of the social register”. It was not hbz-czguest-style-13-de-58349589 hbz-czguest-style-14-de-91751527-1 hbz-czguest-style-10-de-90643766 hbz-czguest-style-7-de-6369349to  be.

A new book, C. Z,Guest, American Style Icon,  by Susanna Salk, chronicles the visually stunning life of this classic American beauty, her Long Island home ,Templeton. (Can a name be any more Wasp-ish? ) and her gardens. Like Babe Paley and chic surviviour Gloria Vanderbilt, Guest had a personal flair that was uniquely her own. From CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-1-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-2-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-3-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-4 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-6-1-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-7-1 CZGuest_HouseGarden_2004-9-1the simple clean Mainbocher clothes to the surprise of leopard-pattern carpet underfoot at home, she did  glamour in a comfortable, born with it, American way.  Ralph wouldn’t be Ralph if C. Z. hadn’t done it first.


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