Poodle Power: The Crazy And Expensive Stye of Charlotte Olympia

The award-winning, half Brit, half Brazilian London designer owns the franchise for a754302077d9ae2ac37031114af21969 60155edadca346c155c438737d15b729 898a2b43f10efec7cce648e83afbb540 779b7412b78238e17870d0f0a5582cc8 7fcc8de65030d6418b5f0aa3eb9bbc01fiercely expensive, fantasy footwear. Her 40’s inspired aesthetic is both chic and cartoon-y.picture_7_1 It’s all very rich wild child and the flame-haired young beautyCharlotte (who credits Rita Hayworth’s Gilda for her hair do)  has a daddy who’s rich (real estate)  and a mom who’s good looking (model).  It’s no surprise that Charlotte Olympia (born Charlotte Dellal) is the cobbler of choice for Daphne Guinness.

Dellai’s current obsession is b86d46f208c08ffde9f3bbfbac048277evoking bce956e87eeb1fcb2a489c4871520a1a BGV1MYB_mx S-20112the “poodle kitsch” of the 1950’s.

Awards: 2010: FN Achievement Awards Vivian Infantino Emerging Talent Award |2011: British Fashion Awards Accessories Designer | 2012: Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year Awards Accessories Designer 


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