If Accessories Could Kill: The Dangerous Excesses of Alexander Mcqueen

Skulls, suicidal shoes 04_02_13_McQueen_Accessories_02with risky platforms and heels, brass knuckle bags and all of it costing four figures to start. Mcqueen’s legacy is alive 40d4867c892556f0a1742c9070d8d46dand well , tended by designer Sarah Burton for the likes of Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinnc2aa755be36c7c6f0395581ca3385797BGV1JF2_mxBGV1JF4_mxess. Other than that?  I couldn’t tell you who the edgier McQueen customer is, but I am surprised by the inclusion of a couple
of very ca3c6f1837e8fac67f8918d53a80ddcb 457cd7e84d8db5cbff7f5b952f46f4ba granny-chic pieces in the mix. For Kate Middleton or her mom, perhaps?


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