Martin Zweig’s Penthouse At The Pierre: $125 Million, Needs Work

When the late investor and Wall Street pundit ZWEIG1-obit-articleInlineMartin Zweig bought the Pierre triplex in 1999 for $21.5, it set a record as the city’s most expensive pad. Zweig’s heirs are selling the place (he died in February) and the apartment  once again is  Gotham’s highest priced at $125,000.000. It’s a cash only co-op and there’s a board to impress. 0018837-1 0018837-2 0018837-3 0018837-4As impressive as it is, the space is way too traditional and hotel-y and just aching for a makeover. Or at least some really savvy staging. The original Pierre ballroom is included,  which is its own interesting design challenge for the multi-million dollar decorator who will ultimately get the gig. No kitchen or bathroom shots which suggest they are dated deal breakers but then again at this level, buyers can afford the redo.

Via The Sotheby’s Listing:

“The penthouse located at The Pierre Hotel encompasses the entire 41st, 42nd, and 43rd floors. 0018837-5 0018837-9Beautiful 360-degree views of Manhattan are found in this incomparable property. The Penthouse is located within one of the world’s greatest hotels. It is the triplex penthouse at The Pierre, a residence that will forever remain without peer in Manhattan.

The Residence encompasses 16 grand rooms. The living room is considered the most 0018837-6 0018837-8 0018837-7magnificent privately owned room in the world. This elegant space includes the original ball room at The Pierre Hotel. There are four adjoining terraces, five master bedrooms, 6 full baths and three half- baths, five working fireplaces, separate guest suites plus staff accommodations. Off the main entrance are the penthouse’s secondary interior stairs, private elevator, main kitchen, and staff bedroom with bath. There is an interior elevator, and two designated staff members provide maid service.”


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