Target In Deep Sea Trouble: Names Shade of Grey “Manatee” for Plus-Sized Mossimo Dress

The kimono dress at Target comes in “Manatee Grey” if you’re plus-sized, Heather if you’re not. A customer tweeted about the offensive color name which could be construed as a reference to the large, benign sea critter also know as a “sea cow”. And  the rest is viral history. A Target spokesperson said that Manatee Grey is a shade descriptor used on many of their products including housewares.screen shot 2013-04-04 at 12.27.58 pm New York Magazine’s Hillary Moss  had the wittiest take on it:

take on it:

“Target Insults Manatees With Ugly Dress

 Digital Maven, Art Director, Photographer, Writer, Entrepreneur, [and] Award-Winning Web Designer,” according to her Twitter bio, Susan Clemens noticed that was selling two versions of its Mossimo Women’s Kimono Maxi Dress: one in dark heather, and another in “manatee” as a plus-size offering. Jezebel helped Clemens call out Target, which responded, “We apologize for this unintentional oversight & never intend to offend our guests. We’ve heard you, and we’re working to fix it ASAP.” So far, that’s meant quietly removing the manatee dresses from its website — lest its mammal customers take their business elsewhere.”– NY Magazine, The Cut
It wasn’t a great week to be a retail copywriter at Macy’s, either. A catalog typo advertised  a $1.500 necklace for $47.
When the customer in front of him  bought every necklace the store had in stock, Mr. Bernard said the clerk offered to sell him two of the necklaces for $47 and have them shipped to his home. The total savings on the receipt for Bernard was $1,400. A few days later though, Macy’s left him a voicemail.

“This item has the wrong price for $47,” a Macy’s call center employee said in Bernard’s voicemail. “The correct price is $479 dollars and because of that pricing error, your order has been canceled and I apologize.”

Macy’s did not even offer him anything else for the money he spent. He was offered no alternative but was processed a refund. Bernard was “very bothered” by the situation and knows others feel the same way. On Friday, Macy’s issued an apology, but not an explanation.

“When the mistake was caught, signage did go up in the fine jewelry department and on store doors alerting customers that a mistake had been made,” wrote Beth Charlton, Macy’s spokeswoman in an e-mail to News 8. “For those customers who bought the necklace at the $47 price, they were fortunate. For the gentleman you spoke with, he was not so fortunate. We are sincerely sorry he was disappointed and unable to buy the necklace at the $47 price for his wife.”


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