The Tweeting Gangsters: 63 NYC Thugs Incriminate Themselves On Twitter, Facebook and You Tube

Via NY Post

“East Harlem has been cleared of 63 dangerous gangsters who openly incriminated themselves in slang-filled, misspelled postings on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, officials said today in announcing the takedown of three rival drug and gun rings.

Some of the thugs even posted photos of themselves holding guns, officials said.

“God forgives I don’t … somebody gotta die,” one alleged member of the gang “Air It Out,” posted on Facebook, according to the massive conspiracy indictments unsealed today.

 “I’m 2 Glocks strapped, rolling down 112th Madison, 116 this is the New Iraq,” boasted another alleged AIO member.

“I’ll give u $300 if u clap a Trill or Whoadey before October,” another alleged Air It Out gangster promised, using the slang for shoot.

The alleged members of “Air It Out,” “True Money Gang–” or “Trillas” and “Whoadey” — 18 of whom remain at large — have collectively notched three murders and some 30 shootings, officials said.

The evidence against them — amassed by the Manhattan DA’s Violent Criminal Enterprise Unit, the NYPD’s Gang Division, and cops from the 23rd and 25th precincts and PSA5 — included dangerous surveillance and gun seizures conducted over the course of three years.

But in gathering much of the evidence, investigators simply peeked into their prey’s online postings — along the way decoding a small dictionary worth of garbled slang”


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