WWE Fans Boo Trump Out of Madison Square Garden

First there was the petition to boot him out of Macy’s because he detracts from their alleged magic. Now, VinceTrumphe’s booed out of Madison Square Garden by wrestling fans– a crowd that usually loves  blustery blowhards but exhibited very good taste this time in rejecting DT and his son.  Though the largely male crowd
did  cheer for Trump’s daughter, the lovely and  always classy Ivanka,Ivanka+Trump

Via The Daily Beast:

“Trump Booed Out Of Madison Square Garden

At the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday night, Madison Square Garden flipped Donald the bird—in a big way. The booing began as soon as commentator Vince McMahon launched into the nicer-than-necessary induction. Trump was booed throughout the duration of his speech, forcing him to cut it short and, eventually, exit the building. But he wasn’t leaving until the crowd met his son, who—yep—also got booed and his daughter who…well, didn’t. Following the cheers for Ivanka, Trump exclaimed how happy he was that at least one member of the family was accepted by the MSG audience! That’s enough, Donald.”


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