Jacqueline Bisset: This Is What 68 Looks Like Now

I hate the term “cougar”. It’s predatory and sexist and there is no equally demeaning term to describe a guy with a thing for younger women. DOM (Dirty Old Man) works but usually applies to men without significant money. (Though birthday boy Hugh Hefner, who turned 87 on April 9, arrived in DOM territory a few decades ago.)

Bisset, still gorgeous at 68, will replace Isabelle Adjani in the role of Simone in the Abel Ferrara’s film  about the former director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn , replacing Adjani who has withdrawn from the role based on Anne Sinclair, aged 64.

The legendary beautykbjb633rkb06jb60, who never married,  has been involved with Turkish martial arts expert Emin Boztepe, 50,  for 14 years. She claims to have had no plastic surgery and shills for Avon’s skin creme Anew Platinum.

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One thought on “Jacqueline Bisset: This Is What 68 Looks Like Now

  1. Still gorgeous, indeed.
    I always thought Julie Christie and Bisset (in that order) were the most beautiful actresses of our time. Still do.

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